Smile! Laugh! Live!

A couple of months ago, a regular weeknight i had managed to leave office early and go for a drink with a group of girlfriends that i haven't met for a while. We went to a very nice bar, grabbed a salad to eat and drunk our wine. Up to now there is nothing memorable... Continue Reading →

Judging Others

Changing our perspective and changing the way we see others can actually make us happy.  We, people, tend to judge. Both ourselves as well as others. Judging can not always be harmful. I believe it has to do with the way someone judges.  When i judge myself, usually very firmly, i do it because i... Continue Reading →


What is happiness? How can we define happiness? I think happiness is just a state of mind. Believing that you are happy can sometimes make you happy. Finding inner peace and personal completion can also make you reach happiness. But how can you achieve happiness when life is all about working long hours, dealing with... Continue Reading →

New Authors Needed!

Well, the last couple of days I was trying to find a new hobby. I even post it on Facebook which apparently didn’t help much but at least gave me a big laugh. I have recently decided to limit the hours I spend at the office (but keeping the efficiency level high…hope to succeed in... Continue Reading →

25th of March

Just a big thank you to Google for today's doodle that made me smile with pride! The Greek flag is waving throughout the worldwide web!    

My blissful 2017

The last couple of years have been extremely strange for me. Working hard, trying to survive in a commercial environment, weird people, bad behaviours, strange relationships, etc. I sometimes even lost my smile but thankfully not for a long period. Having been through this period (still a bit inside it) i thought of making a... Continue Reading →

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